Projects / Experiences

(Harbour Crossing)

Assist in KPI's, Soil-, Bentonite- & Flocculant Benchmark Tests

Sewage-Tunnel Project (SEA)

Grouting with Colloidal Silica instead of Cement to minimize Water-inflow and pressure for
CHI (Cutterhead Intervention)

SEA - Slurry Treatment via Desander / Desilter & Centrifuge

Assist in PILEMAN Bentonite and EASY BORE GEL preparation, usage for different applications in different soil conditions.

Operator / Engineer Training 3-day Course

1. Bentonite & Drilling Fluids

2. Bentonite & Drilling Fluids Preparation, Laboratory Tests (KPI)

3. Principal of Decanter Centrifuge theoretical and practical

SEA - Surface- And Shaft-Water Treatment With Dewatering Tubes

Worksite setup.

A Tunnelling Worksite (SEA)

Usage of Dewatering Tubes & our AQUAESTROL Flocculant for surface- and shaft-water treatment

Preparation of Dewatering Tubes

Filling of Dewatering Tubes

Settling of Dewatering Tubes

EUROPE - A Lake Desludging

with floating excavator, slurry separation and centrifuge/decanter

Floating Excavator

Clear / Cleaned Water Back To Lake

Solid Discharge

used as fertilizer for farms