CHARISBRENT was established in 2014 as a supplier of Product Solutions and Services that specialises in rare earth & chemical production process, mining and the STP's of Tunnelling Industries.

In CHARISBRENT, we serve with integrity, giving good value to all our stake holders through water-related products, technical assistance that help meeting their needs and supports. We are committed to building trusting long term relationship with our customers while working to achieve mutually agreed shared values in optimal production and performance outcomes.

Charisbrent Supplies:

Magnesium Oxides

Process fine pH adjusting agent, slag modifier & magnesia bricks


Sedimentation aids, thickening & dewatering applications.

Polyferric Sulphates

Coagulating aids in solid-liquid separations.


Lubricant, solid carrier and absorbent, swelling clay

Foaming Agents

Increase colloidal stability or reduce surface tension

Other Products

Oxalic acid, quicklime and hydrated lime, etc.

Operator Training

Slurry-treatment-plants (STP) in tunnelling

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Danny Ooi

Manager Lead A/P (Asia Pacific)

+65 9838 8602

Markus Tietgen

Manager Tech. Sales & Support

+65 9647 0734